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The Alternate Universe

My Alamo. A Fourth of July Poem to America


My Alamo

When I was a kid 

from my bedroom window

I had a view of the library

the one story building had a brick wall surrounding it

with a thick slab of concrete poured on top

and an iron gate

that kept out everybody

but me–

the library was like a fort 

like an Alamo…

but instead of soldiers and rifles

it was full of books

hard muscled knifeman Jim Bowie was in there

(one of my youthful hero’s)

and so was quick witted Davy Crockett

(who kilt him a barr when he was only three)… Continue reading

The Hunting Snow Tops Chickens Are coming Home to Roost

When Malcolm X said, “I think the chickens are coming home to roost,” when asked about the Kennedy assassination his comment when viral before there was a concept of viral and before anyone had even dreamed of a  Viral Twitter post.  Therse days I hear his phase used quite a bit as an esorteric sound bite for pundits.  For the purposes of this blog I am using the reference in regard to the notion that the original premise of my novel, Hunting Snow Tops, about the value America places on the lives of old people was misunderstood… Continue reading

America Debates If the Lives of the Elderly Are As Valuable As A Healthy Economy!?


Word is that Trump is bored with the Covid Crisis and wants to move on to something more interesting to him, like self-serving corruption and golf.  One unintended consequence of Trump’s movement away from his duty and responsibility is a wake of debate over whether the restoration of the economy has more value than the lives of the elderly.  It’s fairly clear that to many Republicans the economy is far more important than the lives of the elderly, and in the mind’s of many, the entire general population.  What will people like this come to decide… Continue reading

Luckily Self-Promoters Like Bill O’Reilly Are Predictable In Their Allegiances.


In my SCI-Fi horror novel, Hunting Snow Tops, I loosely base a self-centered side-character, Dick O’Moby, on the dubious personage of Bill (Bull) O’Reilly.  One premise of my book is that in the eyes of America a time will come when the politicians come to believe are too many old people.  Social security will be reffered to as, “elderly welfare,” the oldsters will be renamed, “Takers and beggars” by the American body politic and the general public will turn on old folks like Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and a posse of angry Texas Republicans!  … Continue reading

Hunting Snowtops Becomes An American Reality!

As the Corona Virus began spreading the early panic brought out one of the truths that lays hidden in my novel, Hunting Snow Tops. Republican politicians and pundits were quick to write off elderly lives as insignificant or to put it in the current vernacular, “Old lives don’t matter.” Bill O’ Reilly was quoted as saying, “Most of them were on their last legs, anyway.”  A callous remark that would just as esaily apply to Billy and his master Trump as to any of the old folks he was referring too.  Yet, I’m sure that both Bill and… Continue reading

This is not a drill…..

Typical Saturday in paradise, until…(knock, knock) we have the VRBO next door so our latest visitor came over in a panic and said he’d just received a dire ballistic missile alert by cell phone.  I’d heard the warning ding on my own phone but between the continuous tsunami alerts, the flood warning alerts and the small craft advisory alerts I didn’t bother to look at them anymore when they came in by cell phone.  So when he nervously told me about the warning I laughed and said, “I don’t think so…” but he showed me the text and… Continue reading

The World Heads Towards the FLYLAND Prophesy of the Flies

So as the story goes mankind winds up blowing itself to hell wit nuclear weapons.  We’ve never been so close.  You can see how stupid we are right now and the stars are lining up.  In North Korea you have the deranged psyco Kim Jung-Un and here in the states we have the incompetent  psyco Donald Trump.  Both of these guys don’t have the sense to leave well enough alone and they push the envelope of confrontation with weapons of mass destruction and each other to the brink.  Neither has enough respect for human… Continue reading

Was Stonewall Jackson fragged?

Hardass Stonewall Jackson was marching his men and horses for days and nights on end, demanding attacks on forces two and three times larger than his and the war was winding down.  A rebel zealot, he preferred to die rather than lose the wretched war to the north, but did his men all feel the same?  He and nine of his command were riding that all night, (once again) trying to scout an attack on the flank of a northern army.  The sky was pitch black and the underbrush was dense, Jackson refused to call it a… Continue reading

Trumpers believe in the (F)-lies–The essence of FLYLAND revealed in the Oval Office-

Quote from the Washington Post, “Trump’s demeaning of Priebus came through in other ways, too. At one point, during a meeting inthe Oval Office, a fly began buzzing overhead, distracting the president. As the fly continued to circle, Trump summoned his chief of staff and tasked him with killing the insect, according to someone familiar with the incident. (The West Wing has a regular fly problem.)” end quote.

Trump assigns Priebus to kill the fly as a demeaning humiliation because anything relating a human to a fly is seen as a humiliation!  Then, Trump… Continue reading

FLYLAND Prophecy of the Usurpers validated by the election of Trump!

todaystrump1screen-shot-2015-12-05-at-8-06-42-amghoulininiScreen shot 2011-11-17 at 7.11.10 PM

The elevation of Trump to the American presidency, the usurping of the most powerful office on earth from the clutches of the democratic and republican party is playing out like scenes from the apocalyptic novel FLYLAND.  In the book the fly establishment, represented by The Great Fly and his legacy of fools, stand by helplessly while Boil and his cronies, Runt and Scut, steal the reigns of power from elite in FLYLAND through character assassination and contempt for the status quo.   The lessor flies in FLYLAND rally to the ugly and thrive in the smallest forms of mental… Continue reading

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