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Luckily Self-Promoters Like Bill O’Reilly Are Predictable In Their Allegiances.


In my SCI-Fi horror novel, Hunting Snow Tops, I loosely base a self-centered side-character, Dick O’Moby, on the dubious personage of Bill (Bull) O’Reilly.  One premise of my book is that in the eyes of America a time will come when the politicians come to believe are too many old people.  Social security will be reffered to as, “elderly welfare,” the oldsters will be renamed, “Takers and beggars” by the American body politic and the general public will turn on old folks like Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and a posse of angry Texas Republicans!  I predicted in my book that O’Reilly would fall down on the side of the,  “Snow Top haters,” even though he himself, is at an advanced age and a Snow Top in the time line of the book, 2033.  A side-concept in my book is that any person who ever accepted any social security benefit will become a pariah, a restriction similar to one the Trumpian goose-steppers have instituted in our current government to apply to aliens seeking citizenship.

Well, the politicians didn’t disappoint nor did Bill.  A man so rich from his cable news babble and his pablum kitchen sink collections about the deaths of history’s giants, from Lincoln to Jesus, still found the time to toss out a little hate to the old folks suffering and dying with Covid.  “They were on their last legs, anyway,” Bill said, meaning the old folk’s lives didn’t matter and furthermore, that he doesn’t give a damn about their hopes to live a longer life.

In the book, Hunting Snow Tops, Dick O’Moby, turns against his age group as well.   That Self-Promoters are so predictable is a good thing for literary prophecy, but I would have preferred for Bill to have said something like, “It’s a terrible thing to having the old folks suffer so.  Maybe we should do more to help save them from unnecessary and untimely death!  My heart goes out to their families.”  Of course, that’s not Bill, and anyway, President Trump wouldn’t have liked that it.   In Trump’s America there is no empathy except for confederate statues!  Covid victims get no slack and it’s just the wrong sentiment to have if you want to keep getting invited to Mar-A-Lago.

In the coming age slaughter in Hunting Snow Tops, Bill’s character, Dick O’Moby will fall down squarely against his own age group, but that doesn’t help him save him in the book when vandals and youthful age cleansers come a-looking!  Check out the book and see what happens to Dick O’Moby and the rest of the Snow Tops in America’s War of the Ages! (You can find Hunting Snow Tops, on Amazon under the title and author,  Sir Charles Sirtup.)


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