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The Alternate Universe

FLYLAND-A World of Dumps

FLYLAND becomes truer each passing minute.  The earth becomes more of a dead host for humans and a feast for the flies with each passing day.  I got my publishing report from Amazon today and noted that no one had purchased a copy of FLYLAND for five months.  Although I believe FLYLAND will long outlive me and eventually become an important work I don’t have much desire to push it.  Louder voices than mine push the dire shape of the planet every day and few listen.   The ice caps are melting faster than even the Chicken Little’s predicted, the over population of the planet, now at eight billion and growing like a fungus will never stop.  Logic would also dictate that the more people there are, the more stupid people there are, and that seems to be true as well.  The proliferation of garbage dumps, the FLYLAND’S of the future leave little doubt about who shall inherit the earth–and here’s a clue, it won’t be the meek.

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