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The Great Fly latest stickers! Two versions, twice the fun!

Yes, there are now two new versions of the new “Great Fly” sticker both based on the world renown Justin Aerni drawing of the lowly messenger from Gad.  One is the traditional Circle Style Sticker and the other is the popular Die Cut Sticker Style.  Each one is advertising this very Blog and encourages readers to follow Flyland.Net the FLYLAND Blog.  These stickers mark the dawn of a new era for the FLYLAND Blog as we examine the threats of Climate Change and Nuclear Proliferation to our sickly planet.  (Or dead Host, as The Great Fly would remind us the planet has become to us humans.).  Along with the Great Fly the characters in A-Bomb the Comic have been given new life recently on Instagram and they are doing a yeoman’s job of informing John and Mary Q. Public of the massive proliferation of Nuclear energy and reactors across the globe.  With the dangers of renewed issues in Chernobyl’s fiery basements and the on going concerns regarding dumping of tons of toxic water from the Fukushima Daiichi disaster into the Pacific Ocean our warnings couldn’t be more timely or more ignored.  Still, we press on, in the knowledge that we must and the hope of saving the planet from the inherent stupidity and ineptitude of mankind.

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