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FLYLAND-World Tries to Understand Fly on VP Pence’s Head

During the Vice-President’s debate an ordinary blowfly landed on Mice Pence’s head and stayed for over two minutes.  The old saying, “Like flies on shit,” come to mind and lingers there.  For many, it was understandably the highlight of the debate, but for most, it was more than they could understand.  The world’s continued overlooking of the novel, FLYLAND, has placed a void in the world’s understanding of the alernative universe of the fly.  Thus, a fly landing on the Veep’s head in front of millions of Americans, and staying there, and the conundrum implied, is more that can be comprehended without a thorough reading of FLYLAND.  Perhaps, a quatrain from the Book of Flies, will help a preliminary understanding for the uninitiated.

The Earth Mother has died,

her teat is dry and withered,

yet the monsters multiply like a virus,

on the carcass of a dead planet!

The fly that landed on Pence’s head was protesting the destruction of the Earth Mother by the humans.  (Monsters)



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