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Hunting Snowtops Becomes An American Reality!

As the Corona Virus began spreading the early panic brought out one of the truths that lays hidden in my novel, Hunting Snow Tops. Republican politicians and pundits were quick to write off elderly lives as insignificant or to put it in the current vernacular, “Old lives don’t matter.” Bill O’ Reilly was quoted as saying, “Most of them were on their last legs, anyway.”  A callous remark that would just as esaily apply to Billy and his master Trump as to any of the old folks he was referring too.  Yet, I’m sure that both Bill and Trump feel they have much left to do in life and are still far from their guaranteed perp walks to hell.   The same old, “I matter, my life matters, but you and your life don’t matter,” thought pattern that has upset the world right now…and with good reason!

The idiot Lieutenant Govener of Texas, Dan Patrick said he was sure his father would be happy to die to keep the Dow Jones Stock Market and the economy pumping.  I didn’t see where Dan Patrick’s father agreed, but I’m sure Dan’s dad does agree with me, that he has a jackass for a son!  I saw the agist loser Brit Hume, who himself is seventy-seven (?) saying essentially the same thing on Fox (Shock) News.  “It’s entirely reasonable to die for money.”  What kind of political and moral dementia does Brit have to assert such a thought?  What kind of people does Brit think his kids and grandkids are that they would want their grandparents, in other words Brit and Grandma dead just so they could have more cable channels and news shows?

So the premise of Hunting Snow Tops, that the government would allow hunting licenses on folks over fifty-nine to balance the American budget, and that the people of America would go along with it, no longer seems so far fetched.  As a matter of fact, it is here with us in the mainstream now!  Sadly, many young people, and really, people of all ages, fell right in, goose-stepping to the concept, “Old people don’t matter.”   Sadly, once offering aid and comfort for the elderly was couched in red vs. blue, right vs. left politics it was a done deal.  Only a libtard, crying big salty libtard-snowflake-tears would care about their granny and grampa.  One of the many things I find pathetically hilarious, in the midst of my stunned umbrage,  is that Republican old people just keep going along, happily voting for the party that doesn’t care a hoot if they live or die.  Proof that they are as unflaggingly oblivious to the issues as I always thought they were or they just agree that as the economy tanks they should begin their lemming march to the sea.


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