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The Alternate Universe

The World Heads Towards the FLYLAND Prophesy of the Flies

So as the story goes mankind winds up blowing itself to hell wit nuclear weapons.  We’ve never been so close.  You can see how stupid we are right now and the stars are lining up.  In North Korea you have the deranged psyco Kim Jung-Un and here in the states we have the incompetent  psyco Donald Trump.  Both of these guys don’t have the sense to leave well enough alone and they push the envelope of confrontation with weapons of mass destruction and each other to the brink.  Neither has enough respect for human life to take a mature posture with dealing with one another.  Hopefully, the world’s greatest grafter, Putin will value his stolen fortunes enough help resolve the confrontation.  Otherwise, the flies will win and they will be laying their maggots in the bulk of humanity after these nuclear bombs are unleashed on a world in chaos.

At his point, you better get busy reading FLYLAND or HUNTING SNOW TOPS while you have the chance.  Soon enough, the offer may no longer be redeemable after mankind destroys the planet!

Sir Charles

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