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The Alternate Universe

The World Continues To Move Toward Flyland Without Knowing It.


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Daryl Cagle @ Cagle cartoons has added a new cartoonist to his site, Alan Lauzxn, and Daryl printed a few selected examples of the new cartoonist’s cartoons as examples of his work.  One of the cartoon appears to be a garbage dump of corporate logos and a second cartoon is a take off on the Statue of Liberty with a pile of merde surrounded by flies instead of a brilliant light in the raised hand of our lady of liberty.  Both cartoons reflect basic themes explored in FLYLAND and indicates to me that at least some in artistic society are slowly moving subconsciously or consciously in the direction of the book.  My long time prediction is that someday FLYLAND will be a well known book, if not well read,  and “Fecal and Arse” will become universal characters in a class with Alice of Alice In Wonderland.  Someday common house flies will be referred to as “Fecal” by those they annoy because world citizens will have come to know of Fecal and his dramatic trials from the book.  At some point the literary world will realize that garbage, flies, and growing garbage dumps are not an alternative universe, but are becoming a very central part of the legacy of our strange universe.DSCF4006

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