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The Alternate Universe

FLYLAND Prophecy of the Usurpers validated by the election of Trump!

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The elevation of Trump to the American presidency, the usurping of the most powerful office on earth from the clutches of the democratic and republican party is playing out like scenes from the apocalyptic novel FLYLAND.  In the book the fly establishment, represented by The Great Fly and his legacy of fools, stand by helplessly while Boil and his cronies, Runt and Scut, steal the reigns of power from elite in FLYLAND through character assassination and contempt for the status quo.   The lessor flies in FLYLAND rally to the ugly and thrive in the smallest forms of mental thought so victory for Boil, sustained by the masses is assured.  The plot is so Trump-like one must almost cryout in pain, but the reality is too stark, the situation too dark  for laughter or tears.  FLYLAND falls into disruption as the new rulers strive to enrich themselves in all forms of corruption and sordid exploytation.  Perhaps, FLYLAND’s most optimistic vision is found in the book’s quiet conclusion that utltimate power ultimately corrupts those that attempt to weild it and works against them like some form of virolent dry rot.   Furthermore that condition somehow winds up leaving them collapsing in the utter chaos of their own delusions, intrigues and mistakes.  –and that after much grief and time some form of normalcy is restored to the life of the flies.   Such is the way of the fly.

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