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The Alternate Universe

Three of a Kind: Papa Karamazov, Bill Clinton, and The Great Fly

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Papa Karamazov, the old buffoon, who never suffers for his indiscretions and leaves the world a much lesser place.  His insensitivity to his family, his unflattering insights, and his overriding dark and unrestrained libido all make him an iconic a-hole who can only be relied on to create a scene and take advantage of any situation or weakness in his adversaries and victims.  Bill Clinton, a politician of incredible dexterity and mostly made of teflon is the ultimate winner!  No matter what he does to the contrary he will eventually land on his feet like a big black Tom cat.  He will be forgiven everything by everybody–such is his power over the mana of the world and somehow the notorious debaucher with the “Slick Willie”  side becomes one of the great charitable hosts of the planet with a 250 million dollar charitable foundation behind him and the wind at this back.  What a powerful example of the triumph in being directed by Gad and what a great example of a living Great Fly!

And then there is our own questionable hero, The Great Fly–his life is a series of mistakes and buffooneries that destroys or devalues all those around him and his home FLYLAND in the process, and yet, in his darkest hour when all seems lost, he emerges triumphant, and saves FLYLAND from the terrible usurpers.  Dostoevsky posed an eternal question in the Brothers Karamozov…how come a-holes like Papa Karamazov come out on top?  Not only in Russia, but in the USA, across our globe and even in FLYLAND.  The basic themes of literature have been mostly the same from the beginning of time, authors in the current cycle must recycle their literary themes to meet their current times–now in a historic time of actual recycling and understanding the need to recycle to save our depleted planet from ourselves, maybe the lowly fly will will come to be seen as a hero–as the tireless recycler that he is– and The Great Fly will take his place of honor at the the table of all time literary characters alongside his spiritual father, Papa Karamazov!  (Perhaps, by landing on the rim of Papa K’s plate!)

Who knows?  It’s been said that one good a-hole deserves another!

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