A humorous and satirical site curated by one Sir Charles N. George Sirtup IIIdiscoverer and translator of the original fly manuscript The Tale of Fecal the Fly and the Loyal Arse 

The Alternate Universe

The truth about fly literacy….Fly scribes busily writing down the characters of the Bhuti Fly language.


Our best scientific guess is that the ancient flies dipped their pulvilli’s, the small appendages something like fingers at the end of their forelegs, in red madder root ink and then drew the Bhuti characters on the tanned fly wings using their pulvillis like quill pens. Our team photographed the text characters to break the code of the fly alphabet. The photographs were printed out on white copy paper and the Bhuti Fly characters were aligned in order. A series of notebooks were arranged for the review of a contingent of Eastern European linguists and Navajo Native American code breakers. The team was challenged to break the code of the ancient Bhuti fly language and, after more than a year of trial and error, they did. This brilliant group worked round the clock with specially designed Apple Ipad 9’s to roughly build out the underlying statements and story lines contained on the tanned fly wings.

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