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Oh, The Horror! The Confession of Sir Charles…

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Who knew that flies were literate?  Who knew they had such a big story to tell about the daily destruction of the earth mother.  FLYLAND will be ignored for a time simply because of the plot formula and the vehicle chosen to tell the sad tale of the desecration of our planet is not nostalgic enough–but who better to tell the tale of our decomposition and decay than the inglorious fly?  At the same time, human arrogance being what it is, I believe it will take the average readership time to come around, and probably not until the real understanding of irreversible damage to our tiny moss covered rock home is a daily reality.  I’m not sure that mother nature can be saved at this point, but it seemed worth a shot to scream out a warning.  Writing tepid tales of human relationships that have been told and retold, over and over for centuries, in some new form of magic prose seemed like sleepwalking off a cliff.  What good to fiddle while Rome burns?….In Flyland I tried in my own way to staunch the day to day hemorrhaging of the planet instead of writing or drawing cute little stories about human endeavor and loss.  I was compelled to to tell the secret tale of the fly whose endless proliferation bares witness to the death of our earth mother.  Someday the world may be compelled to understand.  Sir Charles



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