A humorous and satirical site curated by one Sir Charles N. George Sirtup IIIdiscoverer and translator of the original fly manuscript The Tale of Fecal the Fly and the Loyal Arse 

The Alternate Universe

Flyland-More of the same and then more of the same

Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 10.25.32 PMScreen shot 2013-06-18 at 8.12.17 AMFlyland—Gad truly shed his disgrace on thee!  The birds are on the front line for suffering from the pollution of the beaches and the seas.  Books attempting to deal with the issue are not popular nor are they considered mainstream.   Fiddling like Nero while the planet is destroyed is mainstream– thus the vision of Flyland and the idea that the planet we are destroying is an alternate universe–not our own—prevails!  Ah, even the discovery of the written words of the flies is ignored and the carnage of the innocent thrives.

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