A humorous and satirical site curated by one Sir Charles N. George Sirtup IIIdiscoverer and translator of the original fly manuscript The Tale of Fecal the Fly and the Loyal Arse 

The Alternate Universe

Sir Charles

A wonderful Flyland oasis in India…how like the prophesy in The Sermon of the Great Fly….

MANDUR, India — Outside Bangalore’s last official landfill, the garbage trucks regularly lined up here for hours, their burdens putrefying in the afternoon sun. A stinking mountain of trash, the landfill has been poisoning local waters and sickening nearby villagers. Another dump site was in even worse shape before it was closed recently after violent protests.Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 7.42.07 AM

“Oh my brother and sister spawns, we bask in this foulness”  said The Great Fly.  “The mounds of garbage multiply while the iniquitous areas of pristine nature dwindle…the toxic air and the polluted water…from The Sermon of the Great Fly available… Continue reading

Life imitates art

Screen shot 2013-05-27 at 10.20.43 AMThe first cartoon panel of Fecal the Fly, drawn way back when, is a story of Fecal being a fly on the wall of the white house and listening to the president and some high ranking military leaders discuss the bombing of some middle eastern country, probably Iraq in those days and Iran now.  Fecal is so outraged and he takes off to try and tell somebody about this impending disaster—to warn the public.  But as usual, Fecal finds out the public doesn’t care much for anything but their own petty concerns, and certainly not about people so… Continue reading

So it is written.

The Book of Flies was written by Goo, the fly historian.  He was also the first fly to scribe the Bhuti fly language into letters and words.  One of the ancients, he was spawned in the same cycle as Slack the Recycler, the son of Gad, and Gad is the god of all flies.  Goo became a disciple of Slack and was one of the first of the zealot messenger flies  that Slack ordained.  So it is written and so it is.


The latest drawing

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